Over 200 sets of advanced equipment for production technologies include CNC lathing and machining, forging, tube bending, gravity casting, and polishing machineries, etc. We complete all production processes in house, quality control and prompt delivery are committed consequently.

  • 50 sets of CNC lathe from Japan and Taiwan
  • 20 sets of machining center from Japan and Taiwan
  • 2 sets of sand & gravity casting machines from Italy
  • 21 sets of forging machines
  • 50 sets of polishing machines
  • 4 sets of tube bending machines
  • 24 sets of lathe machines
  • 13 sets of dual axis drilling machines
  • 70 sets of tapping, milling, drilling machines, etc.


YAUSHING is a leading metal machining and electroplating manufacturer since 1988. Specializing in OEM high quality faucet, bathroom accessories and precision metal parts. We commit quality products with competitive prices and excellent services.


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