Over 30 sets of professional and comprehensive testing and measuring apparatus, well-managed gauge controlling system. We guarantee every piece of our products is the most precise and meet the highest quality requirement, also comply with international approval standards.

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine from Japan
  • Spectrometer from Germany
  • Plating Thickness Tester from Germany
  • Micro, Rockwell and Vickers Hardness Tester
  • Surface Roughness Tester
  • Universal Length Measuring Machine
  • Video Measuring Microscope
  • Salt-mist Corrosion Tester
  • Leaking Testing Machine, etc.


YAUSHING is a leading metal machining and electroplating manufacturer since 1988. Specializing in OEM high quality faucet, bathroom accessories and precision metal parts. We commit quality products with competitive prices and excellent services.


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